Who We Are

An Organization of Crazy and Likeminded people, who believe in creating some extraordinary humans- through the way called ‘Self-Discovery’ in society.

You come to Aiden to Discover and Learn. And you will.

But what you may not expect is how much you’ll learn about yourself. How much your time at Aiden will transform your life.

At Aiden our goal is to make your experience valuable and fulfilling. We value, respect and welcome all of your distinct life experiences, personal history, academic and social background and enrich them.

We accomplish these results through various counselling and training services, for individuals and groups like School Students, College Graduates and various Professional Organizations.

Like us, you’re different, and that’s why we want you here. Our approach isn’t just about deep knowledge of subject matter, but an even deeper knowledge of self.

" स्वात्मानंबोध "