Suketu Shah

Dr. Suketu Shah

Student counsellor

Dr.Suketu Shah is in love and sincere to homoeopathy when he was studying homoeopathy. After graduation & during Study he had started studying clinical exposure to variety field & faculty of medicine. He had been working with many corporate hospitals like Sal Hospital, Shrey Hospital, and Hope Cardiac Care. He had also worked as an asst. physician, asst. pulmonologist & mastery as a clinical diagnostician.

Then for studying more he had taken decision to do post-graduationstudy.To sharpen the saw, He went to Vadodara and working in I.C.R. (Institute of Clinical Research. A branch of Dr. M L Dhawle Institute, Bombay) Where He learns variety tools & application of law of homoeopathy in practice. Having huge exposure of treating-variety of patient of every branch of medicine. Where he attended many seminar & workshops. Also presented cases in 2003, he started his own practice at bhuyangdev& established himself. His speciality – is to treat acute dis. & quick prescription.

  • Diagnosis & treatment of the psycho-somatic disease.
  • Treatment of chronic disease by enhancing immunity status
  • Diagnosis & treatment by deep study & analysis of an individuality.

" स्वात्मानंबोध "