The healing techniques that we use are very modern-day modalities. We have certified healers who have explored varied healing techniques and have experience of treating different kinds of people and businesses. How healing works is by firstly understanding the subconscious mind of

a person & then changing it to fit the result that the client desires. It is very easy, and the results are jaw-dropping.

We Do Access Bars and Theta Healings.

The Access Bars Therapy brings the body and mind back into harmony and release common blockages, which allow our mind new access to issues like Money, Health, Kindness, Creativity, Communication, Control, gratitude, Sexuality, joy and dreams.

  • Helps in Stress reduction,
  • Deep relaxation
  • Ease of sleep
  • Dissipating mind chatter
  • Releasing trauma
  • Reducing overwhelm
  • Decreasing negative and limiting thought patterns
  • Changing negative behavioral patterns
  • Improving overall wellbeing
  • and increasing feelings of calmness

Theta Healing is a prominent healing method which was created in 1995 by Vianna Stibal during her personal journey of healing from a leg tumor. This method is a technique of meditation and a spiritual philosophy that is not specific to one religion but recognizes all of them with the aim of becoming closer with the Creator. This is meant for the body, mind, and spirit and gives one the ability to get rid of limiting beliefs and live a life full of positive thoughts through prayer and meditation.

This technique is considered to help people resolve their emotional and physical struggles and it teaches one to connect the conscious and unconscious self with the purpose to acquire a better quality of life by aligning their thoughts and desires with their life experience.

  • Reveals your creative potential.
  • Puts an end to fears and phobias.
  • Frees you from addictions and habits.
  • Makes your spiritual connection deeper.
  • Aids you in attaining personal freedom.
  • Helps you to be healthier and feel well.
  • Heals physical illnesses.
  • Treats emotional problems and trauma
  • Assists in becoming more confident.
  • Manifests your dreams and goals.
  • Teaches you how to grow harmonious relationships.
  • Shows you how to find your soul mate.
  • Unlocks your Genius Potential
  • Reveals your perfect career.
  • Creates abundance and wealth.

" स्वात्मानंबोध "